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Ensuring the highest IoT reliability with service analytics

September 18, 2017


Sanat Kamal Bahl

Running an IoT business is an always-on responsibility. To consistently deliver reliable connected services, you need the ability to baseline normal device behavior. And be able to quickly spot abnormal behavior for a single device, as well as patterns across hundreds or thousands of devices. This control is essential to ensure you can find and fix problems early on, improve operations and minimize costs.

We’re talking about real-time analytics, and having a fast, efficient way to make sense of all your device data. Service analytics, now available in Cisco Jasper’s Control Center Advanced connectivity management platform, makes that possible.

Solving the device data challenge

Typically, you’ve had to manually aggregate data using periodic API calls to feed into offline reports and analytic tools to understand multiple aspects of device behavior and connectivity session patterns. It’s complex and time-consuming, and too often serves up data that’s incomplete or dated, giving an inaccurate picture of what’s really going on.

It’s critical to have the right information at the right time, so you can make effective decisions and take action quickly to increase reliability and control costs. In Control Center Advanced, service analytics help you improve operational efficiency with dashboards of aggregated data to understand device behavior for both ongoing (always on) and completed sessions:

  • Resolve issues faster – Identify service anomalies early on to avoid spiraling costs.
  • Improve performance – Detect and analyze trends such as device usage patterns and abnormal session closures to make targeted improvements.
  • Manage costs Dissect usage trends based on filters (e.g., device status, session data, country) to better understand device behavior and drive proactive decision-making that can help lower costs.
Control Center service analytics – ongoing sessions dashboard, filters

Control Center service analytics – ongoing sessions dashboard, filters

Gaining deep insight into trends across all your devices

Let’s look at a real-world example, such as a usage-based insurance business tracking devices in connected cars. With service analytics, they can look at historical trends and spot seasonal shifts and abnormalities using dashboards that analyze:

In a regular week, you may see the aggregated number of devices and sessions ramp up on Monday, remain steady until Friday, and then wind down on the weekend. Suppose you suddenly notice a drop in aggregated sessions and need to figure out what happened. You can dive deeper into the data using a variety of filters, including accumulative duration, accumulative data, country, device status, session per device, session duration, session data, and session closure.

With filtered results, you determine that the steep drop was due to short-lived sessions (0-5 minutes) using 10-50KB data. You then know to investigate the cause of the short sessions, and determine whether it’s acceptable, normal behavior or indicative of an issue with the hardware, software, enterprise network or service provider network.

Control Center service analytics – completed sessions dashboard, overall trends

Control Center service analytics – completed sessions dashboard, overall trends

Pinpointing results with granular analytics

Service analytics gives you the flexibility to go deep. Capture precisely the information you need using a range of tools to drill down. Segment data based on one or multiple filters, focus on daily usage vs. (billing) cycle-to-date (CTD) patterns, or track pool plan utilization trends. Understand spikes and dips in zero-byte sessions during provisioning to gear up for production, or when devices use it to transmit a “keep-alive” status without sending any data.

Deeper analytics means greater control to resolve issues quickly and identify opportunities to improve performance and lower operating costs. Talk with your network service provider to take advantage of service analytics with the Control Center Advanced connectivity management platform.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on usage analytics, also available with Control Center Advanced.

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