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IoT for the Summer: Connected tech to quench your thirst

IoT-connected cold beverage
IoT-connected cold beverage
August 22, 2016


Theresa Bui

A hot summer day (or night) is the perfect time to reach out for a cold one… To enjoy that oh-so-satisfying first refreshing sip of your favorite drink, chilled just the way you like it.

Well that doesn’t happen by accident – especially if you popped it from a vending machine or were poured a pint at the pub. There’s a good chance the Internet of Things (IoT) helped ensure your drink was served up right.

That’s right, even vending machine operators, breweries and bars are capitalizing on the value of IoT. Using internet connectivity, they can remotely control devices embedded with sensors to manage specialized services that optimize operations and deliver better customer experiences.

Our latest infographic showcases six ways IoT connected services work invisibly to make a hot summer seamlessly enjoyable – and one delightful part of that is having a cold drink ready and waiting.

Making the vending business smarter

To help ensure you have a better customer experience, vending businesses are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and understand the items you like best. Yet, keeping vending machines across numerous locations operating well and stocked with popular products can be complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Thanks to wireless connectivity and cloud-based IoT platforms, vending operators have real-time visibility into any machine, anywhere, to track inventory and performance. Constant access to purchase data eliminates the guesswork, so they can respond to consumer demand by ordering the right products – and even automate reorders for quicker restocking.

IoT also helps vending businesses ensure your drinks stay cold, and enables them to maintain machines more cost-effectively. Instead of fleets roaming around for routine maintenance, with 24/7 remote monitoring, companies can quickly identify any problems, and route crews directly to machines that need repair.


Keeping IoT on tap

Prefer an adult beverage? Connected services are making is easier for bars to monitor and order beer kegs to keep the suds flowing. Instead of relying on guesswork like shaking the keg to see how much is left, bar workers can monitor their connected kegs on a mobile app.

With real-time “keg data” (yeah, keg data, can you believe it?), bar managers can control temperature, view buying trends for more profitable ordering, track shipments, and more. As connected tech is rapidly evolving, bars will soon be able to digitally monitor bottle inventories as well.

IoT is making business easier, and customer experience better. It’s the ultimate win-win.

Check out all the articles in our seven-part blog series on how IoT is transforming industries to optimize our summer activities. Subscribe to the Cisco Jasper blog (top right of the page).

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