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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Automating mobility management: Putting control in the hands of the enterprise

May 9, 2017


Pallavi Vanacharla

Bill shock. Long support calls. Underutilized assets. That’s pretty much been the story of enterprise mobility management since, well, since we had business mobile phones. While phones and tablets have gotten smarter, there has been no smart solution for managing thousands of those devices across a mobile workforce. Until now…

All of that is changing with an innovative cloud platform that puts total control in the hands of the enterprise. Imagine empowering your employees with the right services, at the right time, wherever they are, at the right cost. What’s more, you can eliminate overages, reduce those long support calls, and optimize your devices.

Extending the industry’s leading platform

Over the past decade, Cisco Jasper has become the leading connectivity management platform for IoT. We automate connectivity management for more than 40 million IoT devices. Now we’ve extended our innovation to manage business mobile phones, with Control Center for Mobile Enterprise.


What does this really mean for you as an enterprise?

  • Know and act in real time – You can view your employee’s mobile usage and charges during their billing cycle. If you detect any anomalies, you can instantly make changes to your employee’s mobile services, where those changes take effect immediately. Read my next post to learn more.
  • Lower operational costs – You can self-manage your mobile services, assets, and mobile workforce with one single platform and reduce costly manual processes and support calls to your service provider’s customer care teams.
  • Predictable bills – The platform has a powerful automation engine that allows you to create and enforce your own business policies to eliminate unexpected domestic overages and surprise roaming charges. You can limit employee usage, dynamically adjust rate plans and much more.

Why has nobody been able to do this until now?

Well here is our secret – Cisco Jasper has spent the last decade integrating with over 50+ service provider groups across the globe for our IoT platform, and our new platform Control Center for Mobile Enterprise follows the same approach.

This direct and deep integration with service provider network and systems enables us to deliver unprecedented automation and control to enterprises for managing mobile cellular services, assets, and mobile workforce.

Let’s face it, everyone is going mobile, and when it happens on an enterprise scale, reducing costs and increasing efficiency make a BIG difference.

I’ll take a closer look at how Control Center for Mobile Enterprise helps enterprises to know and act in real-time in my next post. Subscribe to our blog to stay tuned.

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