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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Ensuring seamless reliability through a connected services migration

March 29, 2017


Theresa Bui

In the smart home security business, ensuring the highest reliability for connected services is more than mission critical – the reputation of the company depends on it. So when Securitas Direct needed to transition their connectivity management to a more robust global platform, they turned to Cisco Jasper.

As the European leader in home alarm systems and IoT services, Securitas Direct supports more than two million customers across 14 countries. Their biggest challenge in making the switch to Cisco Jasper Control Center was the daunting task of migrating 500,000 SIMs.

“We have to maximize the protection we give to homes and small businesses, and that means not losing one single signal,” says David Martinez Álvarez, Securitas Direct M2M capitalize Platform Manager for South Europe and Latin America.

Successfully migrating to Control Center
Migrating SIM cards isn’t just about technology; we’re really talking about customers. To ensure a seamless transition, Cisco Jasper, Securitas Direct and their existing network service provider, Telefónica, worked closely together to migrate SIMs in phases over nine months.

“We could not risk leaving any customers without service. By starting with very small batches, then increasing the number to hundreds, then thousands, we were able to very successfully migrate 500,000 SIM cards with no issues,” explains Álvarez.

With the Control Center connectivity management platform, Securitas Direct has been able to increase efficiency and optimize their monitoring and alarm services. Automated rules help the company speed time to market for new offerings, and dynamically adjust rate plans to respond quickly to customers needs.

To learn more about how Securitas Direct is using growing their business with Control Center, read their success story.

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