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Experts weigh in on the next big thing in IoT

July 24, 2017


Jessica Morales

The world is buzzing about the Internet of Things, yet for many companies, IoT is not that new. Those leading the revolution are already transforming their industries with connected services that change how they do business and deliver meaningful results that grow their bottom line. So the real question is: What’s the next big thing in IoT? 

That’s the focus of a Cisco Jasper video, where IoT experts from around the world share their insights about the future of IoT, and the powerful impact it’s having on our lives. For starters, Cisco Jasper’s Head of IoT Strategy, Macario Namie believes IoT is really starting to hit its stride, as we’re seeing tremendous value being generated from living in a connected world.

“What’s really exciting is what companies are achieving when they base their products on real-time information and real time use. They can deliver more value even before a product is shipped. That’s a really profound shift for most organizations,” notes Namie.


Transforming industries with innovative connected services

“I think agriculture is going to be extremely important for IoT,“ says Rami Avidan, Managing Director IoT at Tele2, one of Europe’s leading network service providers. Indeed, the agricultural industry has already been busy innovating connected services for everything from soil monitors and irrigation systems to heavy farm equipment. This connectivity enables real-time visibility and data capture to help growers increase productivity and crop yields, save water, and reduce operational costs.

Avidan also predicts the smart city will be an important growth area for IoT, connecting millions of different devices around the city. We’re already seeing the rapid evolution of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies, which will make it more feasible to deploy connected services on a massive scale for simple devices, such as trash bins and street lights.


Another key sector reaping the benefits of IoT is transportation and logistics, with connected solutions for fleet management and asset tracking. As an example, UK-based Intelligent Telematics delivers an IoT-enabled high definition video camera system that provides real-time visibility into road incidents and harsh driving activity. Their solution is helping fleet-based businesses substantially lower insurance claim costs, reduce accidents up to 80%, and facilitate safer driving behaviors that save fuel, money, and even lives.


Looking ahead to our connected future

Industry experts agree that IoT has a monumental future, and we’re only at the beginning. Eugene Viskovic, Chief Business Officer at VEON, the sixth largest mobile network operator in the world, predicts the market will see tens of thousands of new companies emerging with smart, creative IoT solutions.

“Remember the phenomenon with the iPhone when it came on the market?  2-3 years later, we had a million apps available. I think this will be the same thing. Even now and within the next few years, we’re going to see hundreds of thousands of applications around IoT,” says Viskovic.

Perhaps Cisco Jasper founder and General Manager, Jahangir Mohammed sums it up best: “It’s a wonderfully exciting time. The confluence of forces coming together and the number of applications that are going to get enabled, and the way all of these are getting integrated together so it’s a seamless experience – it’s a fantastic and huge opportunity.”

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