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Growing revenue with deep insights on data usage

October 2, 2017


Sanat Kamal Bahl

Managing an Internet of Things (IoT) business is complex, and costs can add up quickly. An effective IoT strategy should include looking for ways to reduce the cost of data usage, as well as boosting the revenue potential of your data. That’s where traffic segmentation analytics come in.

Micro-segmenting data traffic and usage from your connected services gives you granular reporting for making smarter business decisions. Deeper usage insights can make it possible to negotiate split billing or revenue sharing with third parties to help you run a more profitable IoT business. That’s all possible now as a premium service that extends the value and functionality of the Cisco Jasper Control Center connectivity management platform.

Next-gen cost controls for connected cars

Automakers are already capturing big wins by segmenting data traffic and usage for their connected car services. Knowing precisely how much data is being used for specific applications enables them to create new billing and revenue models that are more beneficial for the business. Here are a few examples:

  • Split billing – Connected cars typically have multiple services, some of which are telematics for the automaker, while others offer consumer entertainment like Spotify, Netflix, and Wi-Fi hotspot services. Say Spotify is offering drivers a six-month trial subscription. Because the automaker can now track data usage specific to that application, they can negotiate with Spotify to foot the bill for their data usage during that time period.
  • Sharing revenue – Imagine drivers are using their car as a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabled through their smartphone or tablet. The driver is usually paying for the data usage through their cellular service provider. With specific data on hotspot usage, automakers could approach the network provider and ask for a piece of the pie. Afterall, telecom may be making more money off that driver because the car-enabled the hotspot, so the network service provider could split that revenue with the automaker.
  • Reallocate services – Segmented data gives automakers a better understanding of how drivers are using the different connected car services. By analyzing traffic across the different applications, they can identify services with low usage and perhaps replace them with more popular infotainment services to boost adoption and improve the customer experience.

While automakers rely on engine telematics for diagnostics and optimizing vehicle performance, that data could also turn into revenue. Certain segmented vehicle usage data could possibly be monetized for use by insurance companies or other third-party partners.

Innovative cost management for any industry

Beyond connected cars, IoT traffic and data segmentation can deliver cost-saving opportunities to a range of industries, as well as enterprises managing a mobile workforce. Consider a point-of-sale (POS) solution provider with products that include multiple third-party applications. Paying for data usage across all the various services can become a burden. With the ability to segment data usage, the POS provider can get third parties to cover the cost for usage on their specific services.

Enterprises can also control costs for mobility management. As an example, a major airline might issue tablets to all flight staff that includes apps for tracking flight schedules and related information. It’s a good bet that employees will also use the tablet for their own productivity and entertainment, like checking email, watching videos, and so on. As such, traffic and usage segmentation enables the airline to parse out data usage for flight-related services they’ll pay for, and have the option to bill employees for the remaining usage.

At Cisco Jasper, we’re excited to see our customers innovate new billing and revenue models with our traffic segmentation premium service for the Control Center platform. Ask your local network service provider about it today!

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