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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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IoT for business growth: How innovative companies use IoT to improve customer experiences

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July 11, 2016


Theresa Bui

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) and customer experience – anything goes. It’s the “wild west” all over again, where businesses in every industry are forging new frontiers with an endless array of connected services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Understandably, as customer experiences evolve, so do customers and their demands. That’s where IoT automation and real-time intelligence and control really pay off.  Whether your customers are major manufacturers or consumers, IoT provides the ease and scalability required to meet needs faster and more cost-effectively.


IoT connectivity transforms the business model

For industrial manufacturing, robots are mission-critical to operational success. As a leading supplier of robotic machinery, ABB manages over 250,000 robots worldwide for their customers in a broad range of industries.

Previously, ABB was reactive, waiting for customers to tell them when a robot went down. By embedding robots with connectivity using IoT, ABB gained real-time visibility into every device, enabling them to proactively identify and fix potential problems, helping their customers reduce costly production losses.

Shorten response times with real-time insight

 With precise and reliable information about what’s going on with a robot, ABB’s customers benefit from less downtime and higher productivity.

The company relies on the real-time device data and remote diagnostics of Cisco Jasper’s IoT service platform to ensure the highest service reliability. “With Jasper automation, we have real-time monitoring data across our remote devices and can automate responses before incidents occur,” said Jean- Christophe Alt, Project Manager at ABB Robotics Division in France.

To learn more about how ABB is using IoT to optimize customer experience, read their success story or view the video.

Increasing customer satisfaction

 IoT has also revolutionized the supply chain and logistics industry, enabling companies such as Sendum Wireless Corporation, a world leader in package tracking technology, to offer their customers reliable, real-time data to track the location of goods, shipping conditions, and arrival time. After all, lost or damaged goods means lost revenue and unhappy customers.


Sendum started off as a hardware manufacturer, but as IoT technology evolves, the company has transformed into a services company, offering a complete end-to-end solution to their customers. “The Internet of Things is what has enabled Sendum to have a business,” says Wayne Chester, President of Sendum Wireless.

Their connected services deliver real-time intelligence and insights on cargo in transit, such as GPS location, temperature and humidity, and shock, vibration and orientation of the goods. With automated triggers and real-time alerts to rogue conditions, customers can immediately take corrective actions to save the cargo from damage or destruction.

To learn more about how Sendum is using IoT to optimize the customer experience, read their success story or view the 2-minute video.

Are you ready to capitalize on IoT success?

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Looking for more insight on how IoT accelerates profitable business outcomes?  Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 in our three-part blog series on real-world IoT success.

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