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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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IoT success for transportation & logistics

September 28, 2016


Jessica Morales

For fleet operators and logistics managers, tracking tens of thousands of vehicles and cargo in transit has typically been complex and cumbersome. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing all that, with connected solutions that enable companies to easily monitor location and optimize status for every asset in motion, at any given time.

What’s the real key to success? Finding an efficient and cost-effective way to manage all those connected devices and scale the business. That was the challenge for both Certified Tracking Solutions (CTS), a provider of fleet management and AutoConnect solutions for enterprises and consumers, and Logitrac, a world leader in GPS-based tracking and asset management.

Accelerating success with connectivity management

When CTS began growing rapidly, they recognized their process of managing devices via email with customers was unacceptably slow. They needed automated controls to rapidly activate and deactivate connected devices, manage rate plan changes and diagnose problems.

To transform their operations and lower operating costs, CTS relies on Cisco Jasper’s connectivity management platform, which gives them automated activation and always-on remote troubleshooting to resolve issues quickly and ensure reliable service.

“Control Center gives us full control, provides complete visibility and saves time. We wouldn’t have been able to manage so many devices out in the field without it,” notes Liam Cusack, Deployment and Provisioning Manager at Certified Tracking Solutions.

To learn more about how CTS is using IoT to optimize fleet management, read their success story.

Saving money and increasing efficiency with automation

For Logitrac’s GPS-based tracking and asset management solutions, having real-time visibility and quick, automated responses is mission critical to success. Serving a broad customer base across many industries, Logitrac uses Control Center’s automation to optimize how SIMs connect to the network across many different devices and applications.

“We save huge amounts of time and money because we can manage connectivity in real time and in great detail,” says Michael Harrell, President and Director of Operations at Logitrac. He adds, “We can take a standard order that used to require multiple hours of configuration, and shrink it down to a few minutes.”

With automated efficiency for quickly scaling operations and access to network operators around the world, the company has been able to expand their business into 18 countries, creating new streams of recurring revenue.

To learn more about how Logitrac is using connectivity management to save time and money, read their success story or view the video.

Ready to start generating your own IoT business success?

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