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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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IoT Front and Center at Cisco Live

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July 21, 2016


Martyn Etherington

Last week we joined 28,000 Cisco customers and partners in Las Vegas for the annual Cisco Live conference, our first since being acquired by Cisco in March. It was a week full of announcements, educational sessions and productive conversations. Mostly it was time well spent with our customers and partners.

IoT was front and center as one of the key discussion topics throughout the week. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the IoT-related happenings from Cisco Live.

Chuck Robbins on IoT

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins again highlighted the importance of IoT – not just to Cisco, but to the enablement of digital transformation for all companies and industries. In his opening keynote, he spoke about how strategic the acquisition of Jasper was for Cisco, revealing – for the first time – some very exciting numbers about the Cisco Jasper IoT platform:

  • Manages more than 31 million connected devices
  • Adding more than 1 million new IoT devices per month
  • 5,000+ enterprises on the platform
  • Adding 120+ new enterprises each month
  • 30+ of the world’s leading network operators using Control Center as the de facto standard for connectivity management.

Cisco Jasper is the largest IoT platform in the world, and growing rapidly. Watch Chuck’s entire keynote to learn more about Cisco’s commitment to IoT.

IoT and business transformation

While the growth is exciting, more important are the business outcomes that are enabled by IoT. How is IoT transforming our customers’ businesses so that they can enable better experiences for their customers and drive new revenue?

Meet Frank, who has been driving General Motors (GM) vehicles since 1959. Frank loves GM vehicles, and shares how the IoT-enabled connected services in his new Chevy truck have transformed his relationship with the car and made his driving experience easier, safer and more enjoyable.

This is a terrific #RealIoT video story.

The Business of IoT

In another keynote, Rowan Trollope (SVP and GM, IoT and Applications at Cisco), Jahangir Mohammed (VP and GM, IoT Cloud at Cisco) and Sandy Hogan (VP of Digital Transformation at Cisco) took the stage to outline how Cisco’s IoT Cloud business unit is enabling companies in any industry to transform their business with IoT.

Rowan started by highlighting the changing nature of “things” – from standalone things, to smart things, to smart connected things. And how the current evolution – what we’re enabling today – is the evolution from smart connected things to connected services. These connected services are crucial for enabling businesses to transform their customers’ experiences, while also creating new, recurring revenue models.

To illustrate, Rowan walked the audience through three very different examples of how IoT is driving new business models for companies in very different industries – from the beer industry, to agriculture and farming, to the automotive industry. For those who think IoT is only impacting early adopters in specific industries, think again.

Jahangir then took the stage to dig deeper into the product-to-service evolution, and the technology needed to drive these business model transformations. He discussed how Cisco Jasper, as the IoT Cloud business unit at Cisco, is helping enterprises solve two key issues – data delivery and service management – to make it simple and secure for companies to drive business transformation with IoT.

Regardless of whether you are in the middle of deploying a new IoT initiative or if you’re just starting to explore to possibilities for your business, this IoT Innovation Talk will help provide a checklist of what you need to succeed.

Accelerating IoT Success

While it’s great to hear what’s possible with IoT and learn about all the successful connected services other companies are enabling – what does this mean for you? How can you get started with IoT and evaluate the potential for your business?

To make the process of getting started as easy as possible, we wrapped up the week by bringing Chris Penrose, SVP of IoT Solutions at AT&T, on stage to announce the new AT&T IoT Starter Kit. We partnered closely with AT&T on the Starter Kit, which provides all the tools needed for IoT innovation, including connectivity, LTE hardware, application services, cloud storage, and more.

You no longer need to purchase technology from multiple vendors to get a new IoT project started – you’ve get a complete package to build your IoT solutions from scratch. To get started today with your own IoT Starter Kit, go to https://starterkit.att.com/.

If you’re a Cisco (or Cisco Jasper) customer, get this on your calendar for next year, June 25-29. Or join us at Cisco Live Cancun in November, or the IoT World Forum in Berlin in October.

For those who attended, we’d love to hear about your key learnings and takeaways in the comments below. Tell us your IoT story.

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