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IoT for the Summer: Invisible tech that makes life sunnier

Sun shining over iot-connected cityscape
Sun shining over connected cityscape
Sun shining
July 18, 2016


Jessica Morales

Whether you’re flying the friendly skies, packing the kids into the car for a road trip, or simply lounging by the pool – the Internet of Things (IoT) is hard at work behind the scenes to make your summer plans more enjoyable.

IoT devices and services are everywhere, from connected cars and air travel systems to e-readers and seamless ways to pay for things anywhere your summer takes you.

Six ways IoT heats up your summer

Our latest infographic (shown below) spotlights six key ways IoT connectivity is helping to make your life easier and safer during the summer holidays:


Want to keep an eye on things while you’re away? IoT-enabled systems for security and home automation give you confident control from nearly anywhere you are. No more funky light-timers attached to a lamp; now you can turn lights on and off from your phone. Or adjust the heat, turn off appliances, and answer the doorbell. Who needs to be at home?


As airlines and airport operators know, maintenance delays are bad for business. Today, airlines leverage IoT technologies to improve the travel experience. Think everything from wireless sensors for rapid remote diagnostics to data-collecting jet engines that keep planes flying safely. IoT is also enhancing the passenger experience with helpful, in-airport mobile apps and other connected services for smoother travel.


Most newer cars have a myriad of connected bells and whistles; some you can see and many you don’t. To keep your family entertained, devices with Wi-Fi connectivity let you enjoy streaming media, synch your smartphone to the car, and much more. IoT sensors also help ensure a smooth, safe ride, using “smart” technologies to improve crash avoidance and vehicle performance, even track driving patterns to reward safe drivers with lower premiums!


Forget about dog-eared paperbacks; with your e-reader device and a Wi-Fi connection, you can access a world of books, magazines, and blog articles to keep you lounging on the beach for days.


That’s right, IoT is even transforming vending machines and breweries. Using internet-connected devices, businesses can track inventory, temperature, and machine performance in real-time to help ensure consumers can always count on a great experience.


Cash is so 20th  century. Wireless payment systems and mobile payment technologies are making it safer and more convenient for you to pay for everything, whether at your favorite local coffee shop or a train kiosk on the other side of the world.


IoT in Summer Infographic

Click on image to view the full infographic

What it takes to get it right

While consumers may have seamless IoT-enabled experiences, for the businesses delivering all that, it can be challenging to get it right. IoT is a powerful way to grow revenue – but managing thousands (even millions) of connected devices and the IoT services they enable can be complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Industry leaders are capitalizing on IoT and ensuring better customer experiences by:

  • Implementing best practices such as automation to accelerate deployment and scaling, and real-time remote monitoring and diagnostics to ensure the highest service reliability.

Be sure to catch all the articles in our seven-part blog series on how IoT is enhancing our summer holidays.

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