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What makes an IoT platform truly global?

April 5, 2017


Robb Henshaw

We all know there is no shortage of “IoT platforms” out there, and there are nearly as many different definitions for what an IoT platform actually is. We won’t debate that today, but you can read more about the 5 fundamentals for IoT success and tips for selecting IoT solutions.

Regardless of the definition you subscribe to, a key question to ask is whether or not the solution you’re selecting will enable you to scale your IoT services globally as needed. So, what is it that makes an IoT platform global?

To answer that question, you need to evaluate the capabilities of the IoT platform. Are you able to:

  1. Manage network communication, no matter where your connected devices are located? Maybe you’re only delivering IoT services via connected devices in the UK today – but what happens if, as your business grows, you need to expand your IoT services to other regions?
  2. Reduce administrative labor? You can manually provision and manage dozens and maybe even hundreds of connected devices – but what about thousands or millions? You need an IoT platform that automates the device provisioning and management across any country where you need to deliver IoT services.
  3. Save on technical support? The more globally distributed your connected devices and services become, the more you’ll need a centralized platform that can identify unusual device behavior and automate the diagnosis and resolution of any issues.
  4. Go to market faster? Maybe your devices are manufactured in one country, shipped to a distribution facility in another country, and ultimately deployed somewhere else. You’ll need a truly global platform that can manage the connectivity in all of those locations, automate device access controls, and auto-assign access rights.

Here at Cisco Jasper, we’ve spent the past 11 years building the most global IoT platform available. In addition to meeting the capabilities outlined above, we have strategic partnerships with network service providers worldwide. In fact, we partner with 50+ service providers who are managing IoT devices across more than 550 mobile networks worldwide.

If you use the Cisco Jasper Control Center platform platform on one of our service providers partners’ networks, you can seamlessly expand your IoT services to a new region or country. Our partnerships with mobile service providers globally make it easy for any organization to scale IoT services to additional countries as customer demand requires.

Growing the Cisco Jasper Network
And we’re not resting on our laurels. We continue to partner with the most strategic mobile service providers around the world who are committed to providing their customers with truly global IoT capabilities.

Last week, we announced our partnership with the Three Group which serves more than 120 million customers across three continents. The Three Group selected the Cisco Jasper Control Center platform to enable their business customers to launch, manage and monetize IoT services not just in the markets that they serve, but wherever else their customers need to expand their services.

“Speed, flexibility and control are key to powering connected devices on a global scale,” said Jarrod Nink CEO at Hue. “Through our global footprint of high-speed mobile networks built for mobile data, and Cisco Jasper’s powerful platform, our customers will enjoy an edge in the IoT market for years to come. This partnership will put Three at the heart of the global IoT marketplace and offers huge potential to our enterprise customers.”

And today, we announced our partnership with Telenor Norway. Enterprises on the Telenor Norway mobile network will benefit from our Control Center platform, which will not only provide them with real-time visibility and control over their IoT services in Norway, but also provide them with the global scale needed to easily expand those services worldwide as needed. Check out the announcement here.

Regardless of where you’re at in your IoT journey, it’s best to prepare for success. As you deliver valuable IoT services via hundreds, thousands or millions of connected devices, you need a platform that can automate connectivity management and enable you to go to market faster.

But that platform must also be able to scale and enable you to expand and easily manage your IoT services globally to meet demand. Cisco Jasper helps 9,500+ enterprises do this every day across more than 100 countries worldwide, so if you’re looking for a global IoT platform partner, give us a call.

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