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Real IoT – Think big, start small, scale fast

November 1, 2016


Kailash Kothari

The IoT buzz has spread quickly over the last 12-18 months, even though the concept has been around for over ten years. If you’re an innovator and have an exciting new idea in the IoT space that you’d like to monetize, start with the business outcome you are trying to accomplish versus the ‘how’. One of the biggest inhibitors to IoT projects is the ability to determine how IoT aligns to your business’ strategic objectives. Once you’ve identified the service that you want to deliver via your connected devices, then you can begin to outline how you’ll go about delivering that service.

Typically, you’d start by procuring a test device from a hardware maker and program it to your use case, purchase connectivity from a mobile service provider, start feeding your device data to a cloud based application and build out a smart phone app. You’d probably evaluate multiple different offerings from a multitude of IoT providers and spend a lot of your time and energy tying the pieces together – rather than focusing on your key value proposition drivers.

Luckily for you, AT&T’s IoT Starter Kit, offered in partnership with Cisco-Jasper, helps eliminate the complexity of getting started with developing your IoT service. Within a few minutes, you can get access to an end to end solution from the hardware and connectivity management to application development tools (get yours now, here). This is the only IoT Starter Kit in the market that offers an end to end developer solution including LTE enabled hardware and connectivity, Control Center as the leading connectivity management platform, application enablement as well as out of the box integration with leading cloud platforms. Within hours you can vet out your concept and have a working proof of concept. This is why we can confidently call this the “Best Starter Kit in the World”.

Best Starter Kit in the World
We’re serious when we make such claims. Check out this matrix to see how our Starter Kit compares with others in the market.

IoT Starter Kit Comparison (Start Small)

IoT Dev Kit Comparison v1.2-EM

Control Center and Connectivity Management APIs
As part of the Starter Kit, we’ve simplified connectivity management to the extreme, so you can try out powerful functions without any coding. The Cisco-Jasper Control Center APIs provide a powerful set of RESTful APIs to do everything from monitoring device usage and connectivity patterns to actively managing connectivity status and sending SMS based commands.

Here are some real use cases that can be orchestrated quickly using the AT&T IoT Starter Kit.

Connected Home
Use case:
Monitor your refrigerator while you’re in the grocery store, so you can buy exactly what you need!

Solution components:

  1. View the items in the refrigerator based on an image that’s uploaded by a camera every time the refrigerator is opened
  2. Program your device to send short data bursts with temperature data once a week at a specific time
  3. Check if the expected data session was actually established (Get Session Info REST API)
  4. If data session was not established, send a SMS command (Send SMS REST API) to resolve the problem

Primary concepts being demonstrated:
SMS commands, Diagnostics


Quickly try out the ‘Get Session Details’ API without any coding!

After market Connected Car module

Use case:
Keep the kids entertained with in-car programs through a three month free trial program, limited to 2GB of data per month.

Solution components:

  1. Activate connectivity module via API once installation is complete (Edit Device REST API)
  2. Configure an Automation Rule in Control Center to automatically deactivate devices upon exceeding 2 GB in a given month and reactivate them at the start of the next month. Usage may also be queried via the Get Usage REST API.
  3. After the trial period has expired, if your customer chooses to purchase additional data, you can enforce a higher data limit per month (say 10 GB), by enforcing a different automation rule

Primary connectivity functions being demonstrated:
Usage monitoring, Device State Management

Connected Traffic Lights
Use case:
Curb crime with smart traffic lights

Solution components:

  1. Capture images of license plates with traffic light cameras and when a match occurs, send a message back to the cloud
  2. Run an SMS campaign to have devices download updated firmware (based on latest image recognition technology) at a certain point of time in the future (Send SMS REST API)
  3. Check campaign status in the future (Search SMS and Get SMS Details REST APIs)

Primary concepts being demonstrated:
SMS campaign, check SMS status

Above and beyond the APIs, you can build a high level of automation and efficiency into your IoT deployment using the Cisco Jasper Control Center connectivity management platform. If you have already have an account, get started here.


Connectivity Management via Control Center

Launching your offering commercially
Once you’ve testing your concept and you’re ready to deploy commercially, fast go to market is of the essence. Traditionally, innovators like you have struggled with long planning and design sessions required to ensure you have the correct network profiles to manage your deployment effectively.

Not any more – with AT&T’s IoT Starter Kit, you have a turnkey solution at your fingertips. You can easily purchase additional SIM Cards and 1, 3 or 5 GB pooled data buckets using simply your credit card (here). No monthly invoices to worry about and you can set up auto-renew so your devices stay connected. Launching a commercial IoT offering has never been easier! And here is how we compare with the competition:

Ease of commercial deployment (Scale Fast)

IoT Dev Kit Comparison v1.2-EM

Time to put your idea to action – what are you waiting for? – Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

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