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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Resolving IoT issues faster with collaboration

August 29, 2017


Sanat Kamal Bahl

Key to running a successful IoT business is being equipped to deliver reliable connected services at the lowest possible cost. An important part of making that happen is having fast, efficient ways to find and fix issues before they impact your customers or run up unexpected charges. Think IoT automation, then add in collaborative problem solving for a powerful one-two punch.

Even if you’re relying on Cisco Jasper Control Center to automate connectivity management, you’ll want to keep critical team members in the loop when issues crop up. Now, in addition to sending alerts via email, SMS or push APIs, Control Center can trigger notifications to Cisco Spark for team collaboration when an automation rule fires. Your Cisco Spark Spaces can include all the people supporting your IoT ecosystem – both internal teams and external partners – giving everyone real-time visibility into Control Center data about service or usage anomalies that may need immediate action.

Solve problems faster for the highest reliability

Cisco Spark is conveniently integrated into Control Center, giving your teams an efficient way to receive alerts and collaborate virtually to speed up time-to-resolution. Based on rules you define, Control Center can automatically notify a specified Spark Space in response to trigger events, such as:

  • You have industrial IoT-enabled robots that routinely use a certain amount of data. After a firmware update, you detect they’re using too much data. You want to address this immediately to avoid costly overages, and quickly diagnose and correct the issue.
  • You have telemetry devices that are programmed to send data to your server twice a day. If a device does not check in as expected, it signals a potential problem that you’ll need to resolve right away to keep systems running smoothly.
  • You have an automated IMEI change rule to alert you if a SIM is used with an unauthorized device. If this rule is triggered, Control Center will automatically send a message to a specified Cisco Spark Space, enabling your team to quickly address the security issue.


Reducing MTTR (mean time to resolution) is critical to delivering reliable IoT services. The sooner you become aware of an issue, the sooner you can take action to resolve it. Cisco Spark collaboration gives teams real-time access to important device data, making sure that relevant information gets to the right team for faster problem solving.

Set the stage for success

Collaborating with Spark is an efficient way to bring together cross-functional stakeholders to collectively resolve issues and make decisions. For example, you may want to have dedicated Spark spaces for support, operations and finance teams, with each receiving alerts and data on relevant Control Center events such as when a device fails to send SMS messages or abnormally disconnects, or when rate plans get changed. With the relevant data in hand, the collaborative teams can then discuss with instant messaging, conduct conference calls, exchange files, share screens, enable group whiteboarding and more.


Want to learn more?  Ask your network service provider about the Control Center connectivity management platform, and Cisco Spark integration. Check out ciscospark.com to see how you can increase efficiency with team collaboration.

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