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Running a more cost-efficient IoT business with usage analytics

September 26, 2017


Sanat Kamal Bahl

One of the greatest complexities of running an IoT business is controlling costs. Automating connectivity management is critical to accelerate processes and eliminate manual maintenance of all your IoT devices. But you also need to keep an eye on how overall device performance is impacting your bottom line. That’s where data usage analytics come in.

In the newly released Control Center Advanced platform, usage analytics equip you to optimize connectivity spend by ensuring your IoT devices are utilizing the network and rate plans efficiently. And actionable insights on a variety of usage factors help you identify issues and trends early on, so you can take action quickly to avoid spiraling costs and impact on customers.

Managing costs with data usage insights

Usage analytics is a powerful tool for cost management. By analyzing data consumption patterns and network trends, IoT businesses can identify opportunities for cost-saving adjustments, and spot unusual behavior that may signal problems.

Previously, capturing these big-picture insights required numerous API calls to feed device data into offline analytic tools, then someone would need to manually compile data to analyze various device attributes. Control Center’s usage analytics eliminates that time-consuming process by aggregating data across all deployed devices, delivered in a variety of dashboards, including:

  • Usage trends — based on rate plans, zone, country, or service type (data, voice, SMS)
  • Usage distribution — daily and cycle-to-date (CTD)
  • Pool plan utilization trends

Let’s look at a few examples:

Optimize costs across a pooled rate plan. A company offering connected car solutions needs to optimize data costs, but is weighed down by the cumbersome task of monitoring device usage and obtaining data using APIs. With Usage Analytics in Control Center Advanced, they have instant access to a dashboard of pooled plan utilization at any point in the billing cycle. And by reviewing historical trends, they can see how the pooled plan has fared against usage across all devices, to determine if other rate plans might serve the same need while reducing costs.


Figure 1: Control Center usage analytics dashboard – pooled plan usage


Improve service forecasting and budgeting. A smart parking solution provider needs to understand daily and hourly trends in usage for a specific rate plan, and compare usage across different rate plans in a single dashboard. Previously, they had to manually aggregate device usage data for a variety of attributes, which was time-consuming to synthesize into graphs and not always accurate. Now they can leverage usage analytics dashboards to see a time-series view of service consumption, and access aggregated rate plan charts to compare usage trends across different plans.

Figure 2: Control Center Usage Analytics Dashboard – Rate Plan Usage

Figure 2: Control Center usage analytics dashboard – rate plan usage


Enhance resource management and customer experience. A provider of home automation systems needs to understand usage growth of their connected solutions to assess bandwidth needs and better serve customers. They also want to identify trends of low vs. peak usage across different zones to optimize scheduling of software upgrades, to avoid impact on customers. By analyzing data consumption patterns at a granular level across all deployed devices, the company can make more informed decisions, while keeping an eye on costs.

 Figure 3: Control Center Usage Analytics Dashboard – Aggregate Usage Week-Over-Week Trends

Figure 3: Control Center usage analytics dashboard – aggregate usage week-over-week trends


Even network service providers can capitalize on usage analytics in the Control Center Advanced platform. By analyzing trends in data usage of their enterprise customers, service providers may be able to identify opportunities to differentiate with value-added IoT services that extend capabilities and address unmet needs.

Start driving cost efficiencies into your IoT business with usage analytics. Talk with your network service provider to get the Control Center Advanced connectivity management platform.

And be sure to check out our next blog where we explore traffic segmentation, a new premium service purpose-built for Control Center 7.0. It takes usage analytics to the next level to increase opportunities to monetize your IoT services.

Control Center also offers service analytics. Learn more in last week’s blog.

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