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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Unlocking the sharing economy with IoT

April 12, 2017


Theresa Bui

Driving a company car may be great for employees, but it’s often a costly and inefficient use of assets for the corporation. With their IoT-enabled sharing platform, Keaz, an Australia-based technology company is giving businesses an innovative and cost-effective approach to vehicle pool management.

The Keaz platform helps customers increase usage of shareable assets such as corporate vehicles to lower operating costs and even monetize those assets in new ways. As a result, Keaz customers are seeing cost savings across the board: reducing the amount of inventory required, saving on insurance and maintenance, and more.

Accelerating time to market
For fast time to market and streamlined operations, Keaz relies on the Cisco Jasper connectivity management platform, Control Center. Automated rules to manage device connectivity, real-time visibility and remote diagnostics help ensure the company can deliver secure, reliable services at the lowest cost.

As a complete solution, the Keaz platform combines IoT-enabled telematics devices for shareable assets, along with mobile apps, a backend booking system, and connected services.

“Control Center is central to how we manage all aspects of our solution,” notes Tim Bos, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer at Keaz.

In addition to automating device provisioning, Control Center helps Keaz manage data usage of devices and prevent unpredictable spend. They also extensively use Control Center APIs to quickly send and receive SMS messages to their telematics devices, such as enabling booking for shared vehicles, or waking up devices in low-power mode.

Scaling rapidly to new global markets
Keaz is successfully achieving their aggressive growth plan by leveraging Cisco Jasper’s global network of mobile service providers. Keaz can quickly onboard new carriers with a streamlined, integrated process to easily manage all their connected devices, anywhere in the world.

To learn more about how Keaz is using IoT and Control Center, read their success story.

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