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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Using IoT to improve fleet safety and cut insurance costs

June 12, 2017


Jessica Morales

Fleet management is about much more than knowing how your trucks and cargo are doing. Life on the road can be hazardous, and it’s essential for companies to integrate ways to improve driver behaviors and reduce collisions. And when incidents happen, it’s critical to have immediate insight to validate fault, which can often save a company thousands of dollars in claims and insurance costs.

Intelligent Telematics is making it possible with their state of the art, IT1000 3G-integrated vehicle camera solution. Serving corporate fleet operators, insurance providers, and telematics companies worldwide, their technology captures high quality video in response to trigger events such as collisions, near misses, even hard braking. It then uses a secure 3G network to instantly alert customers and upload footage, enabling customers to take action quickly.

Their customers are rapidly realizing the benefits of this IoT solution. A major retail company has reduced accident frequency by 80 percent; a logistics solution provider has seen a 50 percent drop in accident claims against the business; and a transport company leverages footage from the road to track repeated events and train drivers to encourage behaviors that help reduce high fuel use and wear and tear on vehicles.

Controlling costs with automated connectivity management

For Intelligent Telematics, ensuring customers have secure, reliable access to in-the-moment incident alerts and video footage is mission critical. They rely on Cisco Jasper Control Center for real-time visibility and automation to manage connectivity across thousands of IoT-enabled cameras in locations around the globe. The platform’s automated controls make it easy to quickly activate their devices and continuously monitor behavior, and avoid unpredictable spend caused by inadvertent over-usage of data.

“We’ve had customer fleets set up with a UK data package, then expand their routes to roam across Europe. Using the Control Center platform, we were able to automatically switch their SIM to a European data plan,” notes Sam Footer, Head of International Business and Strategic Development at Intelligent Telematics.

Growing the business with global partners

The company considers Cisco Jasper an ideal partner for business growth, thanks to our extensive IoT ecosystem of 50+ service providers, managing IoT devices across 550 mobile operator networks worldwide.

“Working with Cisco Jasper helps our company generate more relationships in new countries. It allows us to both expand our network coverage and gain exposure to new customers. It’s a win-win situation,” explains Footer.

Learn more about how Intelligent Telematics is using IoT and Control Center to achieve meaningful results: read their success story.

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