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What’s hot in IoT at MWC

February 28, 2017


Robb Henshaw

Mobile World Congress 2017 is underway in Barcelona, and IoT conversations are centered around security, Low-Power Wide-Area-Networks (LPWAN), connected cars and global SIMs.

Connected cars

Connected cars have been the IoT darling for quite some time. This year, data prioritization and connectivity management dominate the discussion. How do you protect vehicles and data from unauthorized access? How do you identify and diagnose issues to ensure reliable connected services? And how can you monetize all of these new in-car services and deliver them more cost-effectively?

Stop by the Cisco Jasper booth, located in the GSMA Innovation City in Hall 4, to join the conversation and see how 50+ of the world’s leading automotive brands use the Control Center connectivity management platform to run IoT connected car services reliably, securely and at the lowest cost.


The LPWAN buzz is in the air! But just how big is the LPWAN market opportunity for mobile operators and why is it noteworthy? Analyst firm Machina Research anticipates there will be 5 billion LPWA connections by 2022, offering secure solutions to support connected devices with long range, low cost, low power consumption, and low mobility.

Much like connected cars, today’s leading service providers and enterprises are exploring LPWAN business models – and how to monetize this massive IoT opportunity.

Stop by the Cisco Jasper booth to see the NB-IoT demo (GSMA Innovation City in Hall 4).

IoT security

Security concerns affect every player and every layer in the IoT ecosystem – there is no one provider that covers everything. Instead, everyone in the value chain plays a critical role in making an IoT business secure.

At MWC, we’re hearing a lot about device-specific security. When it comes to security and encryption, the investment for each device should balance with the level of risk. The higher the risk, the more worthwhile it may be to invest in all the latest encryption for the devices.

Macario Namie, VP of Strategy at Cisco Jasper will talk security at an upcoming MWC panel discussion on “Enabling IoT Security” at 15:10 – 15:40 on Wednesday, March 1. Stop by to hear the panel discuss best practices for building an IoT strategy, and how to mitigate security risks both before and after an IoT deployment.

 Global SIM

At this year’s show, attendees, SIM manufacturers and network service providers are exploring the opportunities for “connected living.” Attendees seek a universal architecture to manage global IoT deployments in use cases such as smart meters, connected cars, home security and more. The next level of conversations will be around how to define SIM cost structures, and the manufacturing process and production of SIM cards.

What IoT buzz are you hearing at Mobile World Congress? Share your comments below on what stands out for you at MWC or visit our Cisco Jasper MWC page with more news on IoT. Join the conversation at @Cisco_Jasper and follow the #MWC17 hashtag.

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